G4S Telematix focuses on providing integrated security solutions to its partners, and operates a modern state-of-the-art 24/7 ARC Management and Security Incident Centre, also known as IMS (Incident Management System), ISO 9001 certified.

Our 24/7 Centre cooperates with all competent authorities both at local and pan-European level in order to provide surveillance and direct response to incidents such as:

– THEFT (vehicle, cargo, valuable items)
– ROBBERY (facilities or vehicles)

The 24/7 Center runs a single platform of signal reception and evaluation, with multiple additional features for the most effective management of security incidents, ensuring the proper guidance of operators and achieving an increased response to each incident.

For every single incident, the 24/7 Center acts on the basis of previously agreed procedures with the Subscriber (Service Level Agreement) and manages the incident in cooperation with the competent authorities, providing them with constant information and updates until the incident is resolved.



Managed Incidents:

Supervision of PANIC/THREAT signals (involves any request for assistance when a person is under threat, in an emergency, or in need of immediate medical assistance)

Supervision of ALARM signals (signals from vehicle or building alarm systems)

Supervision of TRAFFIC/OPERATION WORK HOURS (it refers to the detection of possible theft when the vehicle or machine is used beyond authorized work hours)

Supervision of UNAUTHORIZED USE (it refers to the detection of possible theft when the driver of the vehicle cannot be identified, via personal password, RFID card use , Dallas key use etc.)

Supervision of ITINERARY (identification of any unauthorized stoppage of the vehicle or any deviation from the preapproved path)

Supervision of DOORSOPENING (it concerns access control to the transferred cargo, in order to operate within the approved sites and timeframes)

Supervision of TOWING signals (it concerns vehicle movement with its engine turned off in the event of a theft attempt)

Supervision of GEOGRAPHICAL VIOLATION (it concerns movement control for the protected object, person or vehicle, inside or outside predefined areas)

Supervision of any PREDEFINED LIMITS INFRINGEMENT (it concerns telemetry signals reception in case of temperature deviations etc.)

Supervision of SYSTEM SABOTAGE (it concerns security systems installed on vehicles or buildings, through which signals are transmitted to the 24/7 ARC)

Supervision of FIRE DETECTION (in buildings or vehicles)

Supervision of FLOOD SIGNS (in buildings or vessels)

Supervision of PROCEDURES and SECURITY SYSTEMS INFRINGEMENT {this service primarily concerns CIT (Cash In Transit) vehicles}

Remote commands to the vehicle/vessel, such as:

Door locking
Engine stop
One-way/two-way communication with the driver’s cockpit


G4S Telematix offers SVR (Stolen Vehicle Recovery), which includes any type of vehicle, machine and mobile good such as:

Containers, money transfer and boxes with valuable items, pallets with commercial items, marine vessels, passenger cars and motorcycles, vans, trucks, tractor cabs and trailers and all types of automotive or towed machinery (construction and road construction machinery, earthmoving machinery, trailer compressors and presses, generators, hoists, forklifts) and special type vehicles (construction vehicles, obstructive vehicles, garbage trucks, tankers, fire trucks, etc.)

In the framework of theft incidents management, our 24/7 Center — after tracking down the vehicle or mobile good and alerting the authorities – it monitors the progress of any actions undertaken for their discovery, providing ongoing support to the subscriber as well as constant updates to the related authorities on new information as soon as these are available, until the final recovery stage on behalf the owner. Furthermore, it has the capacity to remotely immobilize the vehicle, under certain conditions.

Statistically, G4S Telematix’s 24/7 Alarm Receiving and Incident Management Security Centre manages more than 50 theft incidents, on a daily basis.

G4S Telematix S.A. utilizes a wide range of systems and technologies for the protection of people, vehicles, goods or facilities.

For the protection of individuals we provide portable tracking, notification and communication devices, smartphone application (Cosmoassist by G4S) as well as peripheral equipment on vehicles (panic / distress buttons, wireless panic buttons, etc.) along with built-in telematics systems.


In vehicles we use either autonomous portable devices with detection capabilities, or telematics devices that require permanent installation on the vehicle and offer additional functions and features such as: interconnection with peripheral equipment to identify events and transmit the relevant signals (alarm system, panic button, door opening sensors, driver identification, temperature sensors, etc.), exits activation (siren activation, electronic locks handling, engine stop etc.) voice communication etc.

For the protection of goods from theft, we install security systems and locking devices on vehicles (by trapping the loading space) and into buildings (into their storage rooms), while portable detection systems are used in cartons, pallets and other type of storage.


This service refers to the confirmation and management of security incidents outside Greece. G4S Telematix guides the operation through the local 24/7 ARC and Incident Management Security Center available in the given country via the local G4S network or via its official partners.

Actions coordination takes place in cooperation with the local authorities, without language obstacles, as G4S partners that address the incidents are familiar with domestic procedures, regulations and legislation and have already established an active cooperation with the local authorities and related institutions.

G4S Telematix, member of the largest Group of security services provision worldwide, is also a member of EUROWATCH, TAPA EMEA, Cobra Telematics NSPs and is responsible for managing incidents, which involve subscribers of its partners from other countries, and take place in Greece and Cyprus.


This service refers to patrols at predetermined sites and, if necessary, supervisor’s intervention combined with a series of actions on behalf of the 24/7 ARC such as:

Informing the relevant authorities and agencies in order to address the incident; informing the respective parties on the part of the subscriber; providing information and any assistance required to the parties involved with the incident.