The continuously evolving technological environment combined with the demands of today’s businesses, requires agility as well as an ongoing evolution of systems, in order to ensure competitive advantage of the customer.

G4S Telematix, with its highly skilled workforce, specialized expertise, wide range of products and thousands of subscriptions (over) guarantees your investment in security services.

Our activities and services can support a  wide range of requirements  for your mobile assets such as:

Security management – Fleet Management- Fuel Saving / Eco Driving- 24hr Alarm Monitoring & Response – Preparation for Certification according to the TAPA model – Project Management – Driver Training-Technical  Experience and Reporting.

The variety of our solutions guarantee not only “Value-For-Money” investment, since you will not buy a “system bundle” which is most likely to include applications that you don’t need, but also you will also be introduced to the most productive, effective, tailor-made and cost-effective application.