G4S actions until today, prove that beyond the provision of integrated solutions for safety, security and savings, G4S vision coincides with social responsibility.

G4S considers its responsibility to improve the living conditions of sensitive social groups, in addition to reinforcing environmental programs that contribute to our quality of life improvement.

For this reason, G4S implements programs and offers social support, either independently or in partnership with leading organizations and institutions, aiming to inform, to raise awareness, and effectively to effectively intervene with the daily lives of vulnerable groups.

G4S’s activity indicates that, in addition to providing high level telematics solutions, it also exhibits social sensitivity:

G4S and “Together for Children”

G4S contributes to the social work of the association called: “Together for Children”. To that end, G4S provided free 24/7 security services (one guard per eight hours) to the 3rd Auction in favor of the association’s objectives. The event was held between February 5th and February 11th 2010 in the atrium of the Megaron Mela of the National Bank of Greece, aiming for the proceeds of the auction to be exclusively available to 10 charitable non-profit institutions of “Together for Children”, which annually supports 5,000 children with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, family challenges and severe illnesses, offering them opportunities for a better future.

G4S and “The Smile of the Child”

G4S actively supports the “Smile of the Child” organization since 2002. As part of this effort, every year a large volume of school essentials are delivered to the Offices of the organization in Athens and then distributed to children accommodated in the houses run by the organization.

Additionally, G4S provides electronic monitoring systems and management for the organization’s vehicles, which are used to transport children to their homes.

G4S’ donation to the Chimadio Pyrgos community– October 16th, 2007

G4S and its employees stood by the fire victims of Ilia Municipality. A commission consisting of G4S executives visited the community of Chimadio of the Oleni Municipality and delivered, – in an emotionally charged climate -, essential goods, school supplies, toys, clothing and 32,400 kg of animal foods, which were collected thanks to the initiative of our company and our employees, whose solidarity to their fellowmen was immediate and touching.

G4S supports fire-stricken areas – October 5th, 2007

From the initial moments of the disaster, G4S stood by the fire-stricken areas of the country, especially the regions of Attica; the company reacted immediately by providing them with special patrol vehicles as well as specialized personnel to supervise specific areas. The Municipality of Agios Stefano’s, – via a thank-you letter by Deputy Mayor Mr. Issaris -, expressed the municipality’s gratitude to G4S.

G4S undertakes a three-year program to reduce carbon footprint and waste, as well as to measure water consumption. Within the framework of G4S social responsibility worldwide, a program to reduce carbon footprint is implemented since 2009. G4S Group’s subsidiaries in Greece, including G4S Telematix SA, have implemented emission and carbon footprint reduction measures causing Carbon Intensity to drop by 13.70% over the period 2009-2010.

For 10 consecutive years, G4S TELEMATIX S.A. maintains a strong presence in the sports sector as well, having the honor of being among the main sponsors of the Aegean Rally on a yearly basis since 2004.