Address: 7 Sorou 14452
Metamorfosi ATHENS

Alarm Receiving Center telematics and Security Incident Management

The G4S Group supports the successful provision of security services in Alarm Receiving Centers and security incident Management which is installed in more than 110 countries. In Greece, the Alarm receiving Center and Security incident management of G4S Telematix S.A. is located in Athens, at the registered office of the company.
Center operators receive ongoing education for excellent handling of cases of subscriber service and sensitive security issues, which deserve special treatment.

The technological equipment of the Center consists of:

• Call Center

• Telecommunication servers for fast download and decode telemetry signals taken.

• Database servers to store decoded telemetry signals.

• Geographic information systems, Servers and digital backgrounds for the geocoding and reverse geocoding of spatial coordinates and address information contained in the telemetry signals.

• Application servers to complete the above and the provision of services by location and telematic services.

• Signal Receivers for the secure and safe receiving all signals with adequate telephone lines.

• Terminals (clients).

• Back up servers and receivers for seamless 24-hour operation of the station.

• Internet/IP receivers for the reception of signals through internet so as to ensure the throughput of data without time and villagers.
24/7 Receiving Signals Center complies with the international standards for such applications and features bulletproof glass windows, security doors, shielding walls and surrounding environment, fire safety and fire-fighting systems and controlled access (access depending on gradation of operator rights for entry into specific areas, call logs through a specific logger).