Fleet Management

Management and Monitoring of your fleet through technology that combines satellite systems and telecommunications, in order to track any vehicle of interest at any time, on computer or mobile device.


1. Satellite unit (GPS), to be installed into the vehicle ), in order for the vehicle’s exact position to be detected at any given moment.
2. SIM card for communication (through the GSM network).
3. Internet connection so that information concerning the vehicle, can be transmitted in real time, to a secure web-based platform.



• Increased Productivity
• Reliable analysis on fuel reduction and operating expenses
• Faster response in cases of emergency
• Better planning of vehicle maintenance
• Optimal human resources management

Our Fleet Management Systems, offer a wide range of solutions including:

• Visualization of fleet movement on digital maps and automatic vehicle detection/location (AVL)
• Real time vehicles’ routing, recording and reproduction (position, speed, distance, time footprint, route length, duration of stops, duration of immobility etc.)
• Fuel consumption data recording
• Wireless data sent to a central computer (server)
• Interface with third party corporate systems (for example: ERP)
• Import (optinally) Points Of Interest (e.g. Client list)
• Statistical information concerning visits to Points Of Interest
• Preparation of reports and data extraction for analysis purposes
• Electronic reports on vehicle activity
• Aggregate – Comparative reports on vehicle groups
• Detailed reports per vehicle
• Monitoring of special functions & instant updates on major events
• Fuel monitoring
• Driver and vehicle identification
• Speed limit violation
• Movement outside predefined geographical boundaries (geofencing)
• Unauthorised and/or prolonged door opening

G4S Telematix S.A can incorporate the following services into the Fleet Management Systems:

24 hour Security Services

• Distress Signal
• Vehicle/Person location search
• Vehicle/Person tracking and detection
• Geographical violations supervision
• Alerts in case of accident (accident reconstruction and notification)
• One-way communication with the vehicle – listen cockpit events
• Vehicle towing alert
• system’s sabotage alert

Reduction of consumption and maintenance costs

The way this substantial saving is achieved, is by monitoring the drivers’ behavior (through the analysis of each vehicle’s CPU data) and presenting this behavior in real time to the driver (in visual and audio form inside the cockpit), in order to improve its driving behavior, while transmitting these data to your computer screen.


• Changing driver’s behavior by pointing out any mistakes at the moment they are made.
• Reducing fuel costs (14% on average) and carbon emissions.
• Minimizing accidents
• Reducing operating and maintenance costs
• Reducing the cost of expenses analysis
• Reducing vehicle’s mechanical wear
• Preventing fuel theft
• Saving on management costs
• Reducing the time a vehicle remains inactive (idling)


The application is addressed to companies and organizations that intend to manage their human capital and other available resources in an optimal manner.

G4S is applying the vehicle routing solution primarily for own (G4S) vehicles. Due to the nature of G4S core businesses – namely CIT (Cash In Transit), the company ensures, through the optimal vehicle routing solution (VRP), to regulate on daily basis, the itineraries of 500 CIT vehicles in the best possible manner (most efficiently) for its customers.

VRP solution calculates all the necessary means to complete a route (human resources and vehicles), serving as many points of interest (POIs) as possible within a certain timeframe.

The application is updating the client’s business ERP system, with the fleet operational expenses.

Through the automatic transfer of vehicle data into the company’s ERP (mileage, fuel consumption), the fleet’s operational costs can be forecasted and managed efficiently throughout the fiscal year.

For instance, if a vehicle covers longer distances than another vehicle on a daily basis, it is expected that it will require more frequent maintenance. This maintenance implies additional costs, that have not been forecasted and budgeted. With the solution offered by G4S, the company will be in the position to predict these costs and include them in its annual budget. Additionally, fuel consumption is verified and double-checked with respect to the covered mileage, thus averting cases of fuel theft.

In case the company does not have ERP technology, G4S can undertake to install one.



Automatic vehicle location (AVL) is the automatic identification of vehicles’ location and characteristics, through the use of telematics.

A satellite unit is installed into the vehicle and through an online (web-based) application, is monitored through a digital map, the vehicle’s exact path and location anywhere in the world, while simultaneously providing information about the vehicle’s speed and direction.

The application can provide additional services depending on customer’s needs, such as routes registration, as well as other solutions which minimize operating costs (OPEX). For instance, some companies may need to know the vehicle’s location, only in case of an emergency event, such as theft. A company that delivers goods would like to know the vehicle’s location along with its daily routes through a digital map . An enterprise operating a large number of vehicles can use fleet management systems solutions, in order to reduce costs and operational expenses.

G4S Telematix thoroughly reviews each company’s needs and effectively propose suitable solutions, ranging from simple automatic vehicle location systems (AVL) to customized solutions and services for complex activities.

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