1998: Establishment of a group to create a satellite tracking system and remote control of CIT

2000: Development work aimed at marketing telematics applications in Greece and abroad

2001: First System Available over the Internet as a service

2002: Certification of the Incident Management Center from the Eurowatch

2003: For the first time in Greece created application marine background for the Internet coverage of Aegean Rally racing

2004 : “Athens 2004”— effectuation of satellite tracking and communication subsystem in 4205 vehicles, machines and floating state emergency services for the security needs of the Olympic Games “Athens 2004”

2005: Telematix is considered project leader at “G4S Tracking European Initiative” aimed at installing and operating of telematic applications in England, Turkey, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Cyprus

2006: TAPA member as Security Service Provider in the security design of freight transport

2007: Member of the Biotaytotita research project to implement a digital identification of the individual with the purpose of increasing the level of safety

2008: Project implementation supervision control in Romania for 11,000 postmen & 810 vehicles on behalf of the National Post Service

2009: Implementing Supervisory and Control system application for Fleet of high security

2010: Cosmo Assist – security services man, through interconnected centers of G4S in Europe

2011: AIS project with the Ministry of finance – to monitor commercial vessels in marine background

2012: HeERO: implementing e-Call service in Greece for immediate response to incidents of drivers ‘ risks, in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport & Infrastructure

2013: Implementation of automation system ‘smart car‘ in the context of design services of high security cash-in-transit

2014: Market introduction of the Balkans for ‘measuring system driving behavior‘, being the new generation fleet management systems, for safe, green driving and reduction the operating costs of the business