First Presentation of MRM Suite in Greece

  • June 25, 2015
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First presentation of MRM Suite in Greece
June 25, 2015
Athens, 23 June 2015

Press Release
MRM Suite: first integrated information system for the supply chain
It is expected to contribute significantly to the strengthening of the competitiveness of enterprises and the Greek economy – the service will be extended to European markets in 2015
The G4S Telematix, Member of G4S, the biggest international organization security service provider, announces the launch of MRM Suite, the first Greek integrated telematics system and infrastructure, covering the entire range of fleet management.
The MRM Suite is an “all-inclusive” innovative tool, designed and implemented in collaboration with leading companies in their field, the OnLine Data and Mapping the Globe Terra, and is expected to contribute directly to enhancing the productivity and competitiveness of enterprises involved in the supply chain.
The MRM Suite contains different operations with the logic of All-in-One (Supervision of vehicles and drivers in real time optimal routing of vehicles, ERP corporate fleet), supported by cutting-edge technologies, while working with other systems such as ERP, WMS, CRM, MIS etc.
Important advantage of MRM Suite is its links with 24/7 Download Center Marks and incident management of G4S to direct management security incidents throughout the cycle of movement of the products.
The MRM Suite covers the full range of tasks of the management resources and vehicles so it can respond to the ever-growing needs and business requirements of modern supply chain. On the basic features of the platform include the real-time monitoring of all activities of the fleet and drivers, automatic real-time alerts and the optimization of work dromologitheiswn. At the same time, through the operation of MRM Suite conducted a number of audits, including the audit of the costing of their routes, control and planning of maintenance, the monitoring and recording of their costs on compensation, insurance coverage, extraordinary maintenance and damage, as well as the check and maintain safety while driving.
On the other hand, the benefits for a company’s multifaceted once through the utilization of the platform will achieve significant cost reductions and operational management, while it will increase the level of quality of the services, in order to be competitive in today’s international environment. At the same time, the MRM Suite is associated with sustainable development, since it is expected to contribute significantly to reducing pollutants in the atmosphere and to reduce traffic, upgrading the quality of life in the city. On the other hand, are estimated to be reduced to a considerable degree of accidents and to better prevent the loss of life.
At the same time, through MRM Suite, will occur and generally benefits since they will strengthen economic activity but also the developmental prospects of the Greek chain, a focal sector for restarting the nation’s economy.
The platform, which is expected to expand in European markets by the end of the year, presented by the lead and 3 companies, at a press conference held today in Athens.

The ceo of G4STelematix, k. Michael Maltezakis , said: “we are proud to present today a modern and innovative tool, product a long journey of G4S Telematix which analysed, recorded and evaluated together with its customers, the needs, requirements and best practices of supply chain companies. The MRM Suite is a true revolution in the field of supply chain management, which integrates in a single application an integrated information resource and media management system, aimed at achieving the maximum possible result in economy, speed and safety of vehicles and drivers ‘.

The President & ceo and Board Chairman OnLineData Greek Logistic Company, Ms. Nikos Rodopoulos said: «Colaboration with G4S Telematix considered strategic since the convergence of experiences and expertise of each company in the areas of activity, only innovation can have as a result produced. The OnLine Data is specialized for years in creating holistic high-tech information systems focused on transport and logistics sectors. To contribute to the creation of a state of the art suite is a key factor supporting the sustainable development of the economy and the competitiveness of companies operating in the logistics chain “.

The administrator and developer of Mapping the Globe Terra Ltd, Dr. Eng. Thanos Doganis , said: “for over twenty years we develop and support geographic information systems with full digital data for capturing and processing digital information crowd backgrounds. The development of geoprocessing framework frorm the basis for the creation of services which are key tools for the control and measurements in fleet management systems and resources. The MRM Suite integrates a range of services such as live information about points of interest, browse on the map, and optimal routing, tools for saving and rational use of available resources of the enterprise “.

About G4STelematix:
The G4S Telematix S.A. in 25 years of operation, is the largest company providing telematic services in Greece with a strong presence in the Balkans.
Company’s mission is the electronic real-time vehicle management and resources to move. Member of Global Security Services Group G4S, supports over 11,000 installed satellite systems in Europe. In G4S Telematix S.A. we define quality as the ability to exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers, responding at the same time to our obligations to employees, partners, shareholders and society as a whole.

About OnLineData:
The OnLine DATA created in 1989 pioneering for its time as its purpose was the creation of information systems towards the broader market of logistics. Today, the OnLine Data holds greater than 95% on purchases of international transport, Storage and Distribution, with distinguished clientele in Greece and abroad. High capital investment in research & Development (R & D), in combination with the innovative and modern technological solutions put the ONLINE DATA in the first row of Greek entrepreneurship development in the European market. The DATA ONLINE is a Certified Partner of Microsoft Gold Certified and a member of the EDI Working Group of UN/ECFACT. In addition, the company shall guarantee the quality of our products and services, bringing the full range of its activities with the stringent requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008.

About TerraGlobalMapping:
The Terra Mapping the Globe operates in the field of geographical information systems in the last 22 years. The Terra Mapping the Globe is the supplier of geographical data and solutions services and many businesses and services in Greece. The Terra Ltd. participates in drafting and placing Internet World topographic map (World Topographic Map) that maintains the ESRI, the GIS software supplier in the world.
The main axes of Terra Mapping The Globe Ltd. is the development and distribution of geographic data, Internet and geoprocessing framework services development web, desktop and mobile applications.

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