Creating Driving Culture

The Driving Behavior system is a complete solution for the remote management of a company’s fleet and the continuous training of drivers in real conditions.

Immediate results of this solution are: the reduction of unsafe driving incidents and operating costs, as well as customer’s service level improvement.


Eurologic S.A. operates in the international transportation sector since 1996. The compelling need of the Greek market for credibility in fresh products’ international transport established Eurologic as a dominant force in the COLD CHAIN filed. With offices in Greece and Cologne, the company services deliveries to Europe, Israel and Tunisia.

As fuel consumption, maintenance, repairs of mechanical damages andonsequent delays constitute main factors defining the cost and quality of our services, we needed an all-inclusive system that would give us the full picture accurately and in real time.

In cooperation with G4S Telematix, we acquired and installed smart telematics units on our vehicles, which support and promote the new Driving Behavior technology. This technology provides:

– Continuous monitoring of our vehicles’ course in a large number of service points across Europe, combined with information on external factors affecting the route, such as traffic conditions, in order for us to plan our deliveries through the shortest or fastest route, ensuring that our customers are informed about the exact arrival time

– Driving culture adoption mechanism: The system interacts with the drivers, informing them – on real time – about the impact of their driving behavior on safety, fuel consumption and vehicle’s mechanical wear.

– Monitoring vehicles’ mechanical condition:
G4S Telematix technology, extracts information from the vehicle’s core CPU and informs us accordingly about signs of possible mechanical wear, damages or disruptions, before they even occur. By working proactively, we increase the fleet’s operational time, while in parallel reducing our fleets’ maintenance costs.


euroGeorgios Poukamisas
Chief Executive Officer