Remote temperature management for compliance with the international HACCP standards. The truck chamber temperature monitoring systems are part of the fleet management system and a tool of the refrigerated cargo delivery chain.

The goal is to ensure the quality of goods during transport, according to the international sanitary standards.


We are one of the most modern food industries in Europe, producing high quality products and following the most stringent specifications, from procurement of raw materials, to consumption.

The quality is certified at all stages according to the following standards: BS EN ISO 9001: 2008, BS EN ISO 22000: 2005, IFS International Food Standard Issue 6: December 2013 (Higher Level).
Our products are distributed all over Greece, on privately-owned refrigerated trucks, supplying retail shops and restaurants with frozen products. Therefore, a reliable remote fleet management and control system is required. Since 2006 we have adopted G4S Telematix’s system.
Throughout distribution, the following factors are supervised and recorded in real time:
– The movement of the vehicle: arrival and departure time for each station, as well as possible deviations from the delivery schedule, so as to update the distribution points on time.
– The temperature of the chambers is monitored in real time according to HACCP ISO 22000: 2005 standards.

Thus, the fleet of transport vehicles becomes an “extension” of our factory.
We control every truck, whenever and wherever; moreover, we can reassure the end consumers, that they will use a product whose quality standards have been fully monitored.

Athanasios Logothetidis
Head of Distribution & Logistics