Prevention of Accidents on the Road

According to a survey by AXA insurance, 75% of road accidents are due to the driver’s carelessness. Yet, 80% of accidents could have been avoided if there was the possibility to react in less than three seconds.

Proactive accident alert systems have been adopted by major car manufacturers to achieve a high level of road safety within the framework of the e-Safety Aware global movement. Companies with high levels of health & safety awareness, install such systems to increase the security of their personnel on the road.


For “Attikes Diadromes SA”, an operating company of Attiki Odos motorway in Athens, the use of modern telematics technology is an essential tool for the proper operation of the motorway and the promotion of road safety.

In this context, the company is up to date with international developments in the transportation sector and modern systems, targeting road safety improvement, by participating to European and international events. The goal is to adopt innovative applications that will make the use of the motorways safer, both for the company’s employees and the drivers in Attiki Odos motorway.

A proactive accident information and driving behavior recording system, was selected by “Attikes Diadromes SA” in cooperation with G4S Telematix SA, for Attikes Diadromes’vehicles , in order to further increase the drivers’ security level, while in parallel, reducing road accidents.

The system, alerts the driver through audio and visual indications, in cases of (i) lane changes without indication, (ii) detection of pedestrians or objects on the road and (iii) possible collision with the front vehicle.

In addition,, safety incidents are recorded and measured, such as sudden acceleration and deceleration, speed limit violations and abrupt turns and braking.
In the context of the system’s pilot implementation, the measured risk incidents were decreased by 47% and our goal is to continuously reduce this percentage, by continuing our drivers’ education, so as to set an example of driving with ecological awareness, within the ECO Zone, for safer driving without road accidents.


attikesKiousis George
Director of Technology