Solutions Tested & Verified!

The main reason behind G4S Telematix being a technological pioneer is that, as a member of the G4S group, it utilizes the group’s fleet as a “laboratory” of telematics products evolution.

As the group operates more than 400 vehicles in different business activities (CTI, emergency operations, technical works, vendors) on a daily basis, we own and manage a vast amount of specialized information for the specific needs of every sector.

We constantly develop our products, which we first apply to the G4S fleet, recording and measuring the improvements, so as to offer our customers solutions that have already proven their value in action.

G4S Cash Solutions operates the largest and most technologically complete fleet of armored vehicles and performs more than 800,000 transfers of valuables per year, while transferred values exceed ½ of annual GDP.

G4S’ services include the transfer of money, debt securities, valuable objects and documents, guaranteeing absolute safety. Along with the CIT, other services include: cash sorting, counting, and ATM supplies.

Each shipment is insured for the full amount of the transferred value, from Lloyds


Taking account of the high risk of malicious activity during the transit of valuables, our company has implemented a comprehensive security plan as well as continuous training of our staff for the protection of the crew, the shipment and the vehicle altogether.

In cooperation with G4S Telematix, the CIT fleet is equipped with highly sophisticated security systems, which are activated automatically and sequentially in cases of theft attempt or violation of the whole vehicle or part it. The fleet is monitored by our 24-hour Alarm Receiving and Incident Management Centre, which acts according to specific procedures in case of any deviation from the predetermined route.

Through the usage of telematics equipment, the Center is automatically updated on emergency incidents and responds with absolute priority for the safety of both the crew and the cargo.

The transport of valuables outside the armored vehicle and until the delivery point is reached, is accomplished through special high safety boxes as well as through mechanisms with remote activation, destruction and detection, in case of theft.

We believe that the security plan we have implemented, constitutes the guarantee for safety and quality for managing our clients’ values; we consistently engage in optimizing processes and procedures in addition to implementing new technologies, in order to increase the quality level of our services.

LIMPEGiannis Liberopoulos
Managing Director