Protecting drivers,
the cargo and vehicles in accordance with international standards.
As a Security Service Provider of TAPA since 2006, we offer integrated solutions to companies engaged in the carriage of goods of high value and risk.
We create a security plan, train staff, provide telematics services to vehicles, transportable goods and drivers, with the support of the most modern 24/7 Incident Management Center in accordance with international standards on TSR/FSR.

KUEHNE + NAGEL is one of the largest Logistics companies internationally, which operate within more than 100 countries providing services-storage and freight transportation services the business on behalf of third parties.
(Third Party Logistics).
Customers are the biggest companies in the world from all disciplines of marketing and production.

The company is giving great attention to the quality of its services on safe storage and transfer of goods to its customers.

KUEHNE + NAGEL is a member of TAPA EMEA (Transport and Asset Protection Association), the largest Organization in the world that sets regulations and mitigate supply chain security standards aimed at eliminating incidents of thefts of cargos at all stages of transportation and storage.



The company meets the conditions for safe transport and storage in accordance with the international standards TAPA FSR (Freight Security Requirements) and TAPA TSR (Trucking Security Requirements).

Within the framework of the security plan adopted by our company, we are making continuous training of our personnel and we use technological solutions for the safe transportation of products.

With the use of specialized security systems and via 24-hour incident management center of G4S Telematix real-time distributions are being monitored, route is checked and we are informed for every deviation of the vehicle from the default path.

The company, in the context of security procedures which maintains, has put, in collaboration with G4S Telematix, predefined actions for the successful and prompt response to any malicious incident during transportation of goods, so as to ensure the safe carriage of the cargo, driver’s safety and maintaining the quality of services the end customer.


kounePhilippe Ernst
Contract Logistics Manager