Telemetry is an automated process of communication through which data is collected, with the use of special equipment, from remote or inaccessible points and transmitted to the user’s screen. The equipment typically used for measuring, monitoring and recording information such as temperature measurement, energy, speed, fluid levels, etc. This technique is widely used for monitoring and controlling systems of oil and pipelines as also in oceanography and meteorology.

G4S Telematix has extensive experience in telemetry systems, and has participated in major projects of telematic applications (DEH, OTE, Police, tankers etc.):

Organizations, companies and individuals, are users of such systems. Indicative areas and ways of applying telematics and telemetry:

  • Vehicle Fleet Management
    021Placing special equipment on a vehicle, you can know the exact position of the vehicle in real time. The capabilities of such systems are unlimited and the company can save money by using these applications.
  • Notification in case of theft of the vehicle.
  • Measure Temperatures. Temperature control in movable or immovable loads and updates via notifications for any deviations in liquid level measurement temperature. Using special sensors, inform about the level of the liquid of the tank or transportable liquid cargo and notify in case of abrupt change in level – the event of theft.
  • Remote control of assets using cameras and alarms.
  • Energy management on photovoltaics.
  • Devices for specific groups of people (elderly, VIP, kids etc). Very small devices that can have in possession people of all ages and with the push of a button, in case of danger, be informed of the G4S Telematix central station and starts the process of identifying the person and inform the competent authorities.

Remote management has obvious benefits for the organization, company or person who uses it:
Immediate information, manage critical information in real time, more time for reaction/response, saving resources, protecting people and assets (movable and immovable property),ensuring goods’ quality, check and update in case of theft.

The G4S Telematix studies each case individually and proposes always what is best for the organization or individual.


Through temperature monitoring systems the user may know at any time, from anywhere, the temperature of the cabin, product or cargo. A temperature sensor is placed in the wanted area and provide information about the temperature. The mounting point may be a Chamber in fixed point (fridge) or floating point (truck with refrigerated Chamber). The sensors can be used to meet every need, as companies carrying perishable goods under refrigeration (food, milk, medicines, medical products) and have as a basic necessity the preservation of their cubicles temperatures during their itinerary, so the commodity to be delivered in accordance with predefined specifications.

With the fleet management and monitoring vehicles and using temperature sensors is achieved:
• Vehicle fleet management with different temperature conditions for each vehicle
• The immediate corrective measures and tackling cases of divergence temperature.
• The increase of the company’s revenues to 20%, through more distribution points and service through new customers that require high transport specifications.
• Cost reduction by reducing compensation for spoiled or damaged loads
• Increase the quality of service of the final client through improving the delivery time of goods without lesions

The user can set the limits of the desired temperature and create alerts that will be displayed in e-mail or pop-up window on the display if the temperature deviates. The system can also be installed on trailers without requiring additional units, plus easily integrates data from existing systems.


Through telematic applications offered by G4S Telematix, is given the opportunity to be informed about possible fuel theft, whether it relates to vehicle or tank or any other type of fuel storage. Many companies have benefited greatly from such systems and have reduced or eliminated the incidents of theft.

The ways used to fuel theft is detected either by using Fuel Sensor or via the “Drivability”. In the first case, a fuel sensor is connected to the float of the vehicle and transfers the information to the tank level. In the second case, through the system “Drivability” fuel theft detection can be done by retrieving relevant data (such as fuel level) from the vehicle CANBUS (where there is available) and have the ability to send alert when a sharp decrease in fuel level is found.

Another way to keep up with the event of the theft, is using sensors (magnetic contacts) placed on importing fuel taps. With this method, the customer is notified every time the spigot opens and the location of the vehicle (display on map) shows if properly opened to refueled (e.g. petrol station), or if the point is unknown and the chance of theft is real.

G4S Telematix judging by your needs, will suggest the most suitable solution to protect your property and your fuel.



024Remote power management applies more and more and in a lot of cases.

G4S Telematix monitors technological developments and with the long experience can provide new-intelligent systems aimed at reducing costs and facilitating business activities.

Already serves photovoltaic parks, with smart meters, who inform the users at predetermined intervals for energy levels and generate alerts in cases of deviation. The benefits of remote power management is obvious as the update is immediate and prevents serious damage that will cost a lot of money in such investments.

G4S Telematix has developed original applications for energy management systems and can provide bespoke solutions by sector – business, such as:
Remote smart meters that would help reduce energy consumption and greenhouse emissions CO2. This form of technology, will help consumers save money and contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions. In the future, smart meters will be very important factor for the implementation of smart energy grid.