G4S Telematix S.A. is the largest company providing telematic services in Greece with a strong presence in Balkans.

Member of Global Security Services Group G4S, supports over 11,000 installed satellite systems in Europe.

Member of the Transported Asset Protection Association, since 2006, as a Service Provider, Security planning security solutions for “global supply chain”.

Dynamically participates in European research and development programmes in the field of telematics like Actibio, i-Student, Biotaytotita.

Telematix is a founding member of ITS Hellas that has the purpose of creating and implementing a national strategy on issues of intelligent transport systems in order to accommodate national targets for safe travel, enhancing efficiency and maximum environmental friendliness.

In G4S Telematix S.A. we define quality as the ability to exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers, responding at the same time our obligations towards the employees, partners, shareholders and society as a whole.